St Louis Website Design Company Gives Away 250 Free $3000 Websites

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St. Louis Free Website Design Contest Press Release from

St. Louis BizTalk, a local website design and SEO company, is running a special contest offering the first 250 small business owners the ability to win a free $3000 website.

We noticed that out of the 27,000,000 small businesses in the United States, literally millions still need and want an updated and highly optimized website and blog that is mobile-friendly.

This unique contest is available to the first 250 small business owners in the United States who send in their entries.

What is the significance of the number 250? St. Louis BizTalk decided on that particular number since St. Louis was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau which turned 250 years old in 2014.

Why would a successful SEO company such as St. Louis BizTalk give away over $750,000 in free website design packages?

What will your new $3000 website look like?

Good questions. Let’s start with some examples of websites designed by the St. Louis BizTalk website team.

These websites are not only built for high impact viewing but they are also highly optimized and mobile-friendly which Google loves. Now you can get your message to local buyers about your product or service and do so in a way Google will approve of for no upfront website design costs that usually range in the area of $2000 to $5000.

Entry details:

To qualify local business owners must be in the commercial sector (no adult, religious or political websites please) and must send the following information to:

Or please call Jon at (314) 627-5988

Please include your:

1. Name of business owner
2. Name of business
3. Business address
4. Business phone number
5. Cell number of owner
6. Website address if applicable
7. Number of employees

Entries will be verified for accuracy and must include all details listed above or otherwise discarded. Winners will be contacted at phone numbers listed in their entry details.

Are there any additional costs involved after you’ve been awarded your free $3000 website?

All approved candidates will be responsible for a small monthly fee of $57 which includes ongoing hosting, optimization tasks and new a blog post each month so that small business owners can concentrate on their business at hand and not worry about taking care of their new $3000 website.

This contest will remain open throughout July, 2015 or until all 250 free website designs have been awarded.


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