Ways to Avoid a Google Penalty

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We cannot stress enough how important it is to use good SEO practices and the right company. You really don’t want to wake up to find an email in your inbox from Google saying your website has been penalized for this or that. The results can vary from significant lower rankings to being completely delisted or removed from their search engine.

The latter move could prove fatal to your internet business resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars. The following infographic created by Neil Patel, a well respected blogging and SEO expert, gives you fantastic tips on how to avoid getting penalties now and in the future. Enjoy and take notes.

How to Avoid a Google Penalty
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

St. Louis BizTalk hopes you enjoyed this infographic. If you follow these easy to understand SEO tips you should have not have to worry about Google penalties. Just remember to provide great content for your readers and be mobile-friendly.


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